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Oldest and Largest Toyshop in the World

The Challenge

The oldest and largest toyshop in the world ...and their new toy!

Xenith serves the oldest and largest toy shop in the world, and is one of the world's best known retailers of toys. The company is also a major tourist attraction, attracting around five million visitors annually.

The business comprises the flagship store in Regent Street (spanning seven floors), four offices and warehouses, as well as other stores around the country and abroad.

The company has been a Xenith customer for more than 15 years; our association with this historic brand has continued despite changes in ownership and several tenders.

Recently the company wanted to increase its point of sale marketing in the store by using high quality posters placed in strategic locations to advertise special offers and new toys.

Rather than outsourcing the printing of their posters, they realised they could increase their business velocity and reduce costs by printing these in-house - as long as the quality was good enough.

Key Challenges


Increase point of sale marketing


Produce printed marketing materials in-house


Ensure high quality print output


The Solution

Xenith introduced the Xerox Colour 560, which is a graphic-art quality device that can also be used for office work.

This multifunction device is reliable and fast. It can use a range of media, including heavy stock paper, and it can be paired with a range of finishers if required. Its image quality is on par with that of far bigger and more expensive devices.



After due diligence with other suppliers and manufacturers, the Company decided to trial the Xerox Colour 560, and have never looked back - the quality is truly impressive.

Hamleys also values our proactive service - all devices across the company are monitored remotely by staff at Xenith and any problems or issues are flagged automatically.

Our staff then dispatch toner or engineers as required. In this way, potential issues can be resolved before they interrupt business processes.

As part of the new policy, office printing has defaulted to black and white and dual-sided, in order to reduce costs and be more environmentally friendly. The point of sale posters are printed on thick glossy A3 paper for visual impact.

Management information is provided at regular intervals, so the IT and facilities team know how much they are spending and which departments are doing the most printing.

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