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Royal Horticultural Society

The Challenge: Making The Royal Horticultural Society Even Greener ...Whilst Looking After Their Bottom-line.

The Royal Horticultural Society, or the RHS, is the world's leading horticultural organisation. Established in 1804, it continues to successfully encourage the science, art, culture and practice of horticulture and gardening today.

The RHS is a charity – one that believes in efficient business practices to deliver maximum income for charitable purposes.

Like many other organisations, the charity recognised that an optimised printing environment across all UK sites could result in significant cost and carbon footprint reduction.

The RHS wanted a Managed Print Service provider that could deliver high-quality colour printing in an efficient manner in order to support the organisation - a supplier that could take responsibility for the new printing infrastructure on an ongoing basis, to reduce the effort needed from the in-house IT team, improve the user experience and cut costs.

An in-depth Print Assessment was carried out by Xenith in to comprehensively understand the culture, processes and scope for efficiencies at RHS before they went to tender. Ultimately, Xenith was chosen for the project on the basis of their thorough assessment, their history of working with charities in the UK and their transparent practises, and because of the continued year-on-year innovation and results, the RHS continues to work with Xenith today.

Key Challenges


Increase colour availability


Optimise infrastructure


Reduce ecological impact


The Solution

Phase 1

Expensive and unreliable personal printers were replaced with a reduced number of robust multi-functional devices in strategic locations on a follow-me system - meaning employees can release prints at the device of their choice by swiping their RHS access card. This increases security and reduces the volume of wasted print – paper is not left lying around on the output tray, and unreleased jobs are purged at the end of the day/week/month.

In cases where layout prevented the consolidation of multiple printers to an MFD, older printers would be re-utilised as part of the follow-me/card- based system. All printers were set to print on both sides of the page in black and white by default.

Xenith’s award-winning proactive service was put in place, where the rare device error is picked up remotely by our London based helpdesk, and specialist Xerox engineers are targeted on how quickly they can resolve the issue for the customer.


Phase 2

The strategic objectives of every organisation, along with market forces, always evolve with time – and as a supplier, we consistently realign our services and solutions to support new goals.

Recently, we helped RHS to move further towards a digitally led strategy by implementing advanced scanning workflows. Staff can now scan paper documents into any digital format they like, and then edit, annotate or share those documents. In order to accomplish this, Xenith implemented a solution that costs one fifth of the industry standard, but has more features, functionality and usability.

Newer devices based on Xerox’s award-winning ConnectKey platform were rolled out, offering RHS staff a number of new business applications and functionality. The devices also adapt to the way staff used the products by personalising the intuitive home screen for each user/team, offering shortcuts to commonly used workflows.

Setting up printer drivers for travelling employees, remote workers, volunteers and guests on their personal devices had always been a time consuming task for the in house IT team. The RHS wanted a quick an easy solution where anyone could print from any device without having to meddle with settings or download apps. To address this, Xenith implemented mobile printing, so that users could simply email their documents, which they could release by entering a security code at any device at RHS.

The RHS hosts a number of events throughout the year, which are held at various locations. Xenith designed a strategy where by a number of reserve devices could be deployed in these instances with minimal outlay – significantly reducing costs, and still benefiting from our proactive Managed Print Service Plus.

In terms of customer facing printing, Xenith implemented an in-house EFI proofing solution saving time and reducing the cost of outsourced proofing by 60%

The RHS wanted to further reduce wastage and drive a reduction in environmental impact. With that in mind Xenith implemented business intelligence software called User Analytics, which helps RHS and Xenith to identify paper heavy processes within the company.

The graphical dashboard allows the company to drill down to department or user, identify and calculate the possible cost reductions or process improvements that can be made. It also enables accurate departmental billing. The tool is ideal to find areas to prioritise for digitisation and automation.

All in all The RHS are delighted with the continual improvements and innovations to the service and look forward to working with Xenith in times to come.


"The RHS has been a partner with Xenith for over six years now. In that time they have transformed the way we think about printing and how we use our devices. We have dramatically reduced our printing output and have introduced numerous workflows to bring significant efficiencies to our business. Our account manager has been with us since step one and has sort to provide us with the best technologies, skill sets from within Xenith and the most competitive costs."

Frazer Robertson, IT Service Desk Manager, Royal Horticultural Society.

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