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Top 20 UK Law Firm

The Challenge

A top 20 UK law firm had a number of aging colour devices in the printroom which were struggling to keep up with demand - many jobs were being outsourced in order to meet deadlines and quality requirements.

The firm was not confident that it could bring the outsourced work back in-house in a cost-efficient manner. They also required advanced finishing options such as Z-fold, hole-punch, stapling and booklet-making.

Key Challenges


High print costs


Outdated print devices


Having to outsource printing


The Solution

Xenith proposed one Xerox Colour J75 with a Fiery controller, 2 over-sized high-capacity paper feeders, an online booklet maker and an online squarefold trimmer.

The Xerox Colour J75 is a production-level device that can handle fast turnaround times and a variety of media up to 300gsm. It can also integrate with a number of workflow solutions and has many advanced finishing options.

At the heart of the J75 press is the inline spectrophotometer. This is the nerve centre of the XeroxColour J75 Press, providing the power of Automated Colour Quality Suite (ACQS) colour management tools to improve colour stability, accuracy and repeatability.

Most of all, users appreciate the inline booklet maker with a squarefold trimmer. It allows them to produce beautiful neat booklets with a 'square' shaped back that can be stacked and stored easily. This avoids the need for spiral binding and adhesive binding, techniques which can easily look dated. A three-edge knife trimmer allows the firm produce booklets with a full bleed.

Xenith also delivered a significant reduction in the cost per click.



The organisation is delighted with the performance of the new solution in terms of both quality and speed – they no longer have to outsource any of the print work.

Eradicating the need to outsource has brought the firm many benefits - they can now work according to their own schedules and timelines and are freed from the constraints of external availability. They can turn around jobs faster and be more agile, and they can also personalise their documents with variable data.

Print costs have been brought under control – the company now pays 40 percent less per copy than was the case with the previous devices.

The booklet maker has been put to good use by the marketing department as well as the legal teams who can simply send in their Word or PDF files (or a combination of both formats) to be made into a neat booklet.

An unexpected additional benefit was how easy it was for the print-room staff to master the features of the device.

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Award Winning Law Firm

Cost savings of over 47% with a 99.31% uptime achieved

Top 10 UK Law Firm

Potential savings of £500,000 per year with 150 man hours per month reduced in the print room

Patent and Trademark Attorney

Uptime maintained at 99% with reductions to paper wastage and overall printing costs


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