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Hardware Services

We deliver the equipment, the supplies, and we can service it in your work environment, freeing up IT. Our focus is security for end-point devices; building strong defenses for every workplace, and sustainable practices for the world.

Managed Print Services

Whatever you need, whether centralised printers, computer peripherals (MFDs), or localised scanners, we'll keep your business running effectively. 

Increasing productivity and uptime may mean reducing a dependency on manual paper processes. Even that change is possible, too.




We deliver no-penalty leasing solutions, for flexible managed technology, accompanied by our award-winning service.

Forward-thinking businesses recognise they can't predict everything, so having flexibility with finances and technology can allow for change, when it's needed.

Device Images

Hachette UK identified the need for a single supplier across the group-wide print and document infrastructure. They chose a Managed Print Services (MPS) provider with a proven track record in cost savings, strategy and industry expertise – Xenith.


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