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Heighten Security & Compliance of Printed and Digital Information

Organisations need to be able to protect sensitive information within documents and prevent sensitive data from being shared inadvertently or maliciously. This will mean having robust processes to prevent and detect possible breaches quickly.

Reduce Cost
Reduce Environmental Impact

Reduce the financial, environmental & administrative cost of printing

Managed Print Services (MPS) 

Xenith's MPS not only provides financial savings and efficiencies but also heightens the security of your printed and digital information. Our hardware from Xerox comes with industry-leading on-board security measures and our software solutions go the extra mile to give you peace of mind.

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Increased Productivity

Save up to 4.7 days per year per employee by automating scanning & classification

Ai Capture

Xenith’s Ai Capture uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically and intelligently classify documents for you, name them correctly and save them in the right location.

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Secure your Multifunctional Devices and avoid a print-related data loss.

Xenith Security Manager (XSM)

Xenith’s Security Manager (XSM) helps to protect sensitive information and prevents access to it by unauthorised individuals using a four-step approach.

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Prevent leaks of personally identifiable or sensitive information using your Multifunctional Printer

Auto Redact App

Xerox Auto-Redaction, an App available in your Xerox App Gallery, provides a simple and powerful solution, removing the need for manual searching and deletion.

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Enable Security and Compliance across all your paper AND digital information


We live in a hybrid world where some business processes are paper-based others have become digital. One thing is certain - an organisation can’t function without bringing in, formulating and transmitting information, communicated through physical and digital documents.

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Increase Productivity
Supports Mobile Working

Increase productivity of staff with a single view of data, automated workflow & collaboration tools.

Xerox DocuShare Flex

Xerox® DocuShare® Flex is a cloud content management platform for small and medium size businesses (SMBs) and enterprise departments. It has been created as an affordable, easy to implement solution that tackles some of the daily business issues around content management.

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Speedy and compliant customer interactions
Reduce Costs

Reach, identify and trust every customer. Verify in an instant and transact with confidence

Xenith Intelligent Onboarding Experience

A service specifically for onboarding and applications to make it easy for potential clients, suppliers, or applicants to onboard with your organisation securely.

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