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Savings Your Company Receives With Device-as-a-Service (DaaS)

When it comes to the benefits of Device-as-a-Service (DaaS), many companies will look straight to the cost savings, and rightly so - it’s not often you can upgrade an entire fleet of devices at a fraction of the investment.

Another benefit that businesses may turn to is security - again, like cost, it’s not surprising as keeping data protected and devices secure is a priority. But one benefit that businesses might not immediately assume DaaS can provide is time savings. 

Device-as-a-Service helps IT teams catch potential issues before they become problems; shifting Helpdesks from reactive, problem-solving to proactive issue identification. 

Here are 4 Ways That Device-as-a-Service offers Time Savings:

Packaged Maintenance and Support

Free up time from the IT team by enabling the DaaS supplier to service the day-to-day management of the devices and reduce IT's time supporting users. 

Sometimes, devices have issues, but rather than IT having to troubleshoot, the packaged maintenance and support options can take care of any issues for you and better still, they can even help flag up issues before they happen.  

Insightful and predictive analytics

When device issues do arise, whether it be due to user error, hardware error or just over-utilisation, they need to be caught early to keep disruption to a minimum - in fact, ideally, they need to be known about before it happens…

We’re not quite talking about predicting the future, but with insightful and predictive analytics, what is possible is to analyse the usage and health of a device to monitor when something might go wrong. For example, if the CPU is regularly being over utilised, it’s possible to work out when that might become an issue, or if the battery health isn’t looking too good, it’s better to catch it early and replace the battery before it dies completely and disrupts the user. 

Get started with HP Proactive Management for your existing fleet of devices here. 

By being on top of these issues, both the user and IT team can save time by reducing the number of device-based disruptions they have - for example, if an employee is travelling for business or working remotely, the device breaking or not functioning properly can cause a lot of disruption and waste a lot of time!

Increased Productivity with the right devices

One of the best ways to save time is to provide the right equipment for the job.

By analysing how people use their business devices and what they run, you can start to monitor the utilisation of a device and work out if it throttles processes and essentially slows workers down. If every time they open an application, it takes 5 minutes to load, that’s time wasted. 

It’s a simple fix as well - you just need to give them a device capable of running the applications they need to do their job. With the device running properly and being utilised well, employees can work at their own pace as opposed to what the device allows, and in turn can increase productivity and save time! 

Less IT Time spent on Security Issues

Although they (hopefully) don’t happen too often, a security breach or virus can be very time consuming for the business as IT intervention may be needed and the end-user may be disrupted while their device and system is being sorted out. 

Xenith HP DaaS makes use of best-in-class security by supplying the most secure laptops on the market providing: malware protection, real-time policy violation and firewall, and antivirus disruption alerts, plus find, lock, and erase functionality.

They are the only laptops capable of protecting against both Malware and Ransomware attacks effectively, without the need for IT intervention.

These beyond standard practice features mean IT are much less likely to have to intervene and end-users can quickly continue with their work in the event of a security breach or issue. 

To learn more about the security features of DaaS, click here

Time is valuable for every organisation and often, when looking for time savings, businesses will take a process-based approach, but sometimes, you need to take a look at the tools you’re using and not just the processes being done. 

By investing in a Device-as-a-Service solution, time savings can be made across the company, for every user and for the IT team that usually monitor and handle device issues and enquiries. 

Find out more about DaaS here: https://www.xenith.co.uk/device-as-a-service

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