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Restarting Your Office Printer

Written by Laura Olley, Head of Service (Based on guidance from Xerox)

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Your Xerox devices are very resilient, and should work fine when you’re back in the office. However, when a printer has been left idle for an extended period of time there is a possibility that problems may occur depending on the length of idle time, and environmental factors, such as temperature and humidity. To avoid this you can find instructions for your specific device as follows:

  • Go to www.xerox.com/support
  • Click on LET’S GO in the red box
  • Select your product under the Knowledge Base Tab

Restarting Your Office Printer

However, as a sample guideline, the process is as follows:

Power On the Printer: 

  • If the printer was left powered On, Power Off the Printer, Wait Two Minutes, Then Power On.
  • Note: This operation resets and reinitialises all components in the printer.

If the printer has been powered Off, power it On:

  • Press the Power button located on the upper right side of the console.
  • Wait for the printer to complete its power-up sequence to power on all installed options, it takes approximately 3 minutes 50 seconds.

If the printer does not power On:

  • Power Off the Printer and Unplug the Unit From the Wall Outlet. Wait Two Minutes, Plug the Printer Back Into the Outlet and Power On.
  • Make Sure That Power is Available to the Printer.
  • Contact Support for additional assistance.

If the Fault Code 303.355.00 occurs, the software has detected a CCM Post failure during the NVM integrity test, contact support for additional assistance.

An NVM battery failure can cause issues listed below. If one of these issues occur contact support for additional assistance:

  • Printer slowly loses time throughout the day or loses the date and time when unplugged from the wall.
  • The printer constantly reboots (turns on and off).
  • The printer may not power up.
  • If the printer is set to pick up the time from a network server (NTP), it will cause a reboot and a disk check. This action may cycle continuously.
  • The User Interface or Touch Screen is blank or black, displays dots at the top, or is unresponsive.
  • Settings change to default settings, such as market region defaults to US and tray settings to Letter size.

Make sure the paper in each paper tray is in good condition:

Jams and Image Quality issues can be caused from poor paper condition.

  • Dispose of the top five sheets in each tray.
  • Dispose of remaining paper that appears wrinkled, curled, damp, discoloured or damaged.
  • Fan the remaining sheets.
  • Load Paper in the Paper Trays as required.

Note: The reasons for running multiple prints:

  • To aid in stabilizing the print engine and Toner dispensing.
  • Fuser Pressure Roll Flat spots can cause the thumping noise and possibly repeating Image Quality defects. Running prints can correct the problem.

Print or scan documents using the Document Handler to confirm proper operation:

  • If mis-feeding occurs, Clean the Duplex Automatic Document Handler (DADH) Feed Rolls. If the documents fail to feed, contact support for additional information.
  • If a Fault Code or error occurs restart your search to troubleshoot the specific error.
  • Contact support for additional assistance.

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