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Content can be onboarded directly into business processes and real-time acknowledgement received at the point of scanning.

It’s Smart: Scan one easy set-up sheet to automatically access your workflow. No PC or software required.

No setup or IT intervention required: Simply connect to your Wi-Fi or plug in to your home network to start using as everything is pre-configured remotely.

Seamless integration with your applications: Scan to email, cloud repository, network-drive or back-end system.

Super-quick deployment: End-users are up and running within 2 days of signup.

It’s Connected: Workflows can be changed remotely & the system is continuously monitored with notifications to ensure seamless functionality.

Enterprise-level Security: Separate data & control paths for confidential info.


A fully managed service to enable Scan@Home

Many departments rely on the ability to scan paper documents – in fact, many organisations transport boxes of paper to the homes of their employees when offices cannot be accessed in emergency situations. These papers often have to be processed and then scanned into another system or shared via email.

You can now use a fully managed service to provide a preconfigured scanner to your employees. All your end-users have to do is plug in the scanner and scan a pre-printed barcode to get started.


Pre-configured Workflows:

All workflows - such as sending the document to the right person, or saving the information in the correct repository, network drive or back-end system are pre-configured by a service provider, like us.

If your processes change, we can alter workflows remotely so your end-user stays hassle-free.


Partner software or line of business applications such as invoice processing, medical records management, or customer account management integrates with our Alaris APIs to create a full solution.

The INfuse AX Scanner offers enterprise-level security, including a separate data path and control path to isolate confidential content for secure transmission.

The INfuse Management software allows you to manage the fleet, set-up the workflow, configure the devices and allocate licenses- all hosted and operated by the Xenith.

How to get started:

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We preconfigure your workflows in the cloud

We dispatch them to your remote users

Remote users simply power on the device and scan the provided sheet of paper to connect the device to the pre-configured workflow.

Start scanning at the touch of a button – no computers needed!

If required the user can simply bring the device back into the office to use if he/she is no longer working remotely, as it is an efficient system regardless of where it’s used.

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