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MFD Preventative Maintenance Package

MFD Preventative Maintenance Package

Many companies are slowly making the difficult decision to transition back to the office after many weeks of remote working. Office administrators, facilities managers and IT personnel worldwide are preparing their workplaces to ensure they are compliant and safe environments for all of their staff.

They are also doing checks to ensure that infrastructure in the office is ready to use after months of inactivity, and can, in fact, deal with sudden spikes in usage.

MFD Preventative Maintenance Package

Your Xerox devices are very resilient and should work fine when you’re back in the office. However, when a printer has been left idle for an extended period of time there is a possibility that problems may occur depending on the length of idle time, and environmental factors, such as temperature and humidity.

You may have read our blogs on how to restart your office printer, how to clean your devices, and also how to enable touchless printing.

However, to reduce the burden of checking if all your Multifunctional Devices and Printers are working perfectly, we are pleased to say you can avail of our Preventative Maintenance Package, an additional service offered by our in-house team of engineers.

This is perfect to make use of just before staff return to the office so that your devices are powered on and ready to use in order to clear that backlog of printing and scanning related tasks.

Our engineers will:

  1. Check for any obstructions in your devices such as paper jams or staples.

  2. Check paper trays are loaded correctly and paper size guidelines are adjusted.

  3. Check for any excess toner spillage anywhere in the device.

  4. Check drum cartridges and fuses are clean and working.

  5. Check feed rollers for signs of excessive wear and tear.

  6. Check the document feeder and scanning glass for dirt and debris.

  7. Check that the device powers on properly and that scanning and printing operations all work as they should.

Half-day of engineer time: £475 
Full-day of engineer time: £950

If any errors are detected, they will be resolved as per your usual break-fix service contract.

Sign up for the Preventative Maintenance Package here and one of team will get in touch!