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Find out about the latest managed print services and document solutions innovations, and access other customer resources, in our Resources hub.


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[video] How Xenith Implemented RPA Into The Customer Service Operations

Learn how the Customer Services team at Xenith implemented robotic process automation (RPA) to optimise and improve day-to-day operations.

Are You Remotely Sustainable? Environmentally Friendly Work Practices In The New Normal

Our guide breaks down easy-to-implement environmentally friendly work practices into 5 key areas to take to make your company more sustainable. (Includes Sustainability Checklist!)

[On-Demand Webinar] Lead the Transformation to "Location-free" Working - A Roadmap

In this video, Marc Ueckermann, Chief Technology Officer and Business Owner at Xenith, shows you how to navigate the 6 crucial elements to enable "Location-free" working, with real-life examples.

A Short Guide - Why Law Firms Need to Adopt Intelligent Automation

A short guide that looks at five keys areas that Intelligent Automation is taking shape and why law firms need to adopt intelligent automation to continue to thrive in the future!

How Covid-19 is Transforming The Way We Work - A Business Leader’s Guide to a Productive Remote Workplace

The Covid-19 pandemic is bringing to light a huge number of business continuity issues - but also presents opportunities to transform and strengthen the way we work.

[On-Demand Webinar] Applying Intelligent Automation to radically transform your business

Take practical steps towards meeting your challenges by the adoption of Intelligent Automation with Robotic Process Automation (RPA), AI Capture, Process Intelligence and more.

[video] How can procurement take a seat at the top table

This video, from the CIPS UK Conference 2019 looks at how procurement professionals can take a seat at the top table, taking into account digital transformation and the key drivers behind it.

Procuring Print Management The Future of Print Spend

This guide explores some of the key factors that affect cost when procuring managed print services including the total cost of ownership, consumable use and paper usage and controlling print spend.

Question Template: How to Write an Invitation To Tender for Managed Print Services

This document outlines and lists the important questions to ask when writing an invitation to tender or a request for proposal for managed print services.

The MPS Toolkit

The MPS Toolkit includes 7 resources to help you at the different stages of your Managed Print Services journey - from managed print services RFPs to print security and digital transformation.

How to write an invitation to tender/RFP for managed print services

This guide describes the important questions to ask when writing an invitation to tender or a request for proposal for managed print services

Disrupting Paper - The Paper to Digital Transformation Workbook

This workbook explains the importance of paper-to-digital transformation and how your company can get started

Keeping paper files secure in an age of digital transformation

Why the rise of GDPR and automation means your business must take document security seriously

How Secure are your printing processes?

13 common risks of printing, scanning and copying and how to fix them

Print Process Risk-o-meter and Report

Find out how secure your printing processes are with our risk-o-meter and download your free custom report with solutions to the risks

How to keep printing, scanning & copying processes GDPR compliant

This guide explains both basic & advanced methods to keep your documents secure from internal & external threats as well as inadvertent leaks of information.

Case Study [video] - 78% cost reduction while increasing quality of output

Jon Galgey, IT Manager, Allford Hall Monaghan Morris, talks about how Xenith's assessment led to improved quality & massive cost reductions

Case Study [video] - Reducing direct costs by 40% while increasing productivity

Dan Jones, Print Manager at Hachette, talks about how Xenith helped to consolidate & streamline printing across the group

Implementing Digital Transformation - toolkit for facilities managers

Resources that facility managers need to roll out digital transformation across their business

How to create an MPS strategy to meet the demands of the enterprise

Knowing what an effective MPS strategy should look like and how to build it into an enterprise is the key to getting started.

How to Choose a Future-proofed MPS Provider

As your business moves forward digitally, so will your print and document management requirements.

How to Calculate the ROI of Print Services

If you are interested in exploring the benefits of managed print services, this guide will give you a framework for quantifying the benefits of bringing a Managed Print Services provider on board.

Business Leadership Powered by Big Data: a Guide for Finance leaders

Big data has the potential to drive greater business visibility and stronger strategic planning, particularly in the finance department.

A business guide to digital transformation - what does it really look like?

How, as a finance leader, you can drive your business’ digital strategy forward

A Best Practice Guide to Procuring Value-led Managed Print Services

Establishing best practices and choosing a value-led provider are the best ways to ensure an efficient managed print service.

Benchmarking Calculator

Compare your print and document usage to other companies in your industry and get advice on how to improve your print efficiency and productivity.

Aligning MPS Investments to your Governance, Risk and Compliance Policies

Managed print service providers can help you to safeguard your document security without sacrificing productivity.

Bringing in the Experts: Guide to running strategic partnerships

The demands of modern business have meant that departments have had to change. IT has been at the forefront of these changes including the establishment of effective strategic partnerships.

A Digital Transformation Roadmap - The 5 Priority Business Functions

Digital transformation can increase the efficiency of back office business functions including accounts, HR, contract management and the mailroom.

Implementing Digital Transformation - building your roadmap

Having the right roadmap in place to deliver digital transformation will help to explain its advantages and how you’re going to achieve them to the rest of the business.

Proving the ROI of Managed Print Services - a Best Practice Guide for Procurement Leaders

Procurement has a central role in identifying and resolving all the inefficiencies in print and document systems.

Securing End-to-End Support For Your Output Devices with MPS

Not all Managed Print Services providers are the same. Ensure that you get all of the benefits with minimal disruption from your MPS provider.

Selling your MPS Vision to the Board

Print and document management systems hold the potential for huge business savings. Prove it. That’s what the board will say. In this guide we help you do precisely that

The Great Post-Procurement Challenge - How to Track the Business-Wide Benefits of MPS

Whatever stage you’re at with your managed print services it’s likely that you’ll need to prove ROI across the whole of the enterprise.

Top 10 Ways to Maximise Information Security Across your Business

There’s a real risk that business documentation could be an unlikely source of a data breach or lapse in security.

Value-add print management services to prioritise at the procurement stage

Facilities managers need to make resources go further, to craft contracts that deliver a value-add as well as cost reductions.

What Difference Does MPS make to digital transformation

Transforming into a fully digital enterprise poses challenges for the whole business. Having a good MPS provider acting as a strategic partner can help to mitigate some of the risks.

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