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Why HP Device as a Service (DaaS)?

Xenith HP Device as a Service (DaaS) is different from your standard device or computer leasing/financing programs because it goes beyond the hardware.

The solution is a lifecycle management programme for end-user devices with a number of added features and service options. It is designed to allow businesses to adopt a more flexible consumption-based model for hardware provision while reducing the management overhead of the solution. 

It also allows an organisation to properly tailor the devices and ongoing support to their needs with a variety of plans to choose from, plus the convenience of a single price per device.


Device as a Service

Introducing: Xenith HP Device as a Service (DaaS)

Our new Device as a Service (DaaS) offering has been developed with your IT and infrastructure team in mind. It has been built to reduce the management overhead in executing hardware refresh projects, ongoing service and support, while offering a strategic set of service options to increase the end-user experience of the device. 

The service offers a comprehensive computing solution that includes devices and accessories that are right for the job paired with support, predictive analytics and partnering with us to provide proactive management services.

Our analytics package allows us to design the optimal solution for your company with the right mix of devices for your users. Once installed on your existing devices, it gives us information like CPU, hard-disc and memory usage, so that we can suggest the most cost efficient devices for workers according to their usage.

Getting Started:

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Get Started with HP Proactive Management


Insightful Analytics with HP Proactive Management

Get insightful and actionable analytics to improve productivity while also improving IT efficiency, enabling proactive management and inventory and health monitoring that identify and predict alerting conditions.

With HP Proactive Management you can monitor the security of your devices from a one-stop dashboard and from reports you can sign up to receive. 

Watch the video to learn more! Or try HP Proactive Management free for 60 days on your current fleet of devices, regardless of brand.

Start a Free Trial

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Managed Devices from HP

Secure managed devices from HP with full remote analytics can get teams working quickly without a big upfront investment.

Different device options are available to suit your users needs and allow them to continue working productively, wherever they are!

Download our remote workplace brochure below for more details on pricing and devices available. 

*All devices are subject to availability, and pricing is indicative only. Please get in touch for a bespoke quote based on your requirements.

Download our brochure to learn more about devices and pricing.



How can HP DaaS improve enpoint device security?

The HP device provided is the most secure laptop with it’s multi-layered, enterprise-class security providing malware protection, real-time policy violation and firewall, and antivirus disruption alerts, plus find, lock, and erase functionality.

It is the only laptop capable of protecting against both Malware and Ransomware attacks effectively, without the need for IT intervention.

While IT teams are not able to mitigate attacks that occur at unsecured locations, such as people’s homes or internet hotspots, HP DaaS is the only option that can ensure your information is secured and kept safe.

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Give time back to your team

Let XHP DaaS take care of day-to-day management tasks and reduce time supporting users so you can focus on projects that move your business forward.

XHP Service Agents provide proactive support to resolve issues before they occur, as well as technical assistance via email and are available Monday–Friday 8:00 am–6:00 pm CET in EMEA.

Devices managed by XHP DaaS will have a data agent installed to collect asset and event information related to the device. User-sensitive data including credentials, files, content, and personal data will not be captured. Collected data will be stored in a secure cloud repository.

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Optimise performance

Put asset inventory and health monitoring on auto-pilot. With HP DaaS, you can prolong the life of your investments and be alerted while we take preventative action before there is a problem.

Pay for what you need - an option for every budget

With three levels of service, you can choose the one that suits your organisation or we can tailor the perfect package for your company. 

Standard is a self-service programme including NBD break/fix and analytics.

Enhanced and Premium are managed services – where a proactive Service Delivery Manager will be tasked with the BAU device management tasks to assist you in delaying the management overhead, freeing up the time of IT departments.

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