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Analytics are the foundation for knowledge work & informed

Employees are empowered with timely insights that enable a truly transformative approach to solving business problems and enabling high-value conversations with customers.

When deployed as part of an Intelligent Automation platform which includes RPA and other "smart" capabilities such as cognitive capture, process orchestration, mobility and engagement, analytic insights enable organisations to achieve an even deeper understanding of their end-to-end operational performance and compliance.

This can drive new opportunities for process efficiency improvement and enterprise deployment at a substantially lower cost.

Advanced Analytics

Research shows the most profitable companies use real-time analytics or extreme collaboration for successful business process management.

How are your processes working, end-to-end and system-to-system?

With information scattered across internal databases, websites, business applications and legacy systems and complex and often undocumented processes spread across multiple systems, it may seem impossible to know.

Process Analytics

It’s time to transcend traditional system boundaries and harness the power of your information.

Our Advanced Analytics deliver process intelligence capabilities to monitor, analyse and help you optimise your operational business processes.

By outfitting your business with information agility you can meet ever-changing customer and market requirements.

Unlike other business intelligence software, this unique solution combines process monitoring and analysis with rich visualisations, analytics and data integration in a single solution for end-to-end visibility and understanding of your operational performance and compliance.

Part of our AI-driven Intelligent Automation Platform

Every organisation is in a different stage of digital maturity and has often already invested in some automation.

This is why our Intelligent Automation Platform is designed to enable customers to “adopt and extend” intelligent automation capabilities (technically and commercially) that meet their organisational priorities.

Not only is every segment of our platform deeply integrated, but we also have connectors for many of the leading automation brands in the market today - enabling a quicker and more economical turn around for your automation projects.

You can explore the sections of our platform that are the best fit for your organisation - safe in the knowledge that you can scale to integrate other highly compatible elements of our platform at any point.

Alternatively, get in touch for a free bespoke workshop to help imagine the use of intelligent automation in your company.

Unparalleled Business
Process Awareness

Process intelligence, the analysis of data in the context of a business process, is the next evolutionary step in business intelligence. With Kofax Insight you’ll compare, group and focus your analysis on how your organisation is executing business processes. Understand the behaviour that drives how your customers, clients and users engage with your processes and how those patterns of execution impact your bottom line.

Powerful Performance Analysis Anytime, Anywhere for Anyone

Accessible to line of business users across any device or environment, anyone in your organisation can quickly see their information tailored to their needs to analyse and optimise business operations. Thanks to a single-platform approach, there’s no need to wait for IT to build a data warehouse, data mart or proprietary data model - you’ll be able to analyse your business on your schedule.

Unique Visibility for Improved
Decision Making

We provide visualisations and analyses of all process and business information through an intuitive graphical interface that empowers you to make fast, fact-based decisions. Identify problems, take action and make impactful analytics-based resolutions before process issues affect your customers.

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