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Print Awareness Tool Dashboard

Reduce print costs by up to 25% and minimise environmental impact with the Print Awareness Tool

Even though paper is recyclable, it takes an enormous amount of energy and water to produce. Much of it ends up in landfill. Not only is this unsustainable, but it is also expensive. What’s more, much of this printing is unnecessary and can be avoided!

Where companies often struggle is reducing print costs, communicating environmental savings and uniting the workforce to encourage change. 

The Print Awareness Tool helps to solve these challenges. 

Environmental Impact

Encourage a change in company-wide printing habits by making users aware of their personal impact on the environment.

In many cases what is needed is a cultural change - a shift in the mindset of users to encourage them to print less, or at the very least to encourage people to ‘think before they print’.

The Print Awareness Tool uses the principles of ‘gamification’ to appeal to peoples’ competitive instinct. This actively encourages the desired change in user behaviour.



Process Intelligence@4x-1

With Print Awareness Tool you can:

  • Unite your workforce and engage them in a cause that matters. To enhance this, the tool leverages your company branding at every touchpoint.
  • Communicate your environmental savings when we translate the results of your initiatives into number of trees, litres of water, tonnes of carbon dioxide and kilowatts of power saved.
  • Reduce costs because being good to the environment is also good business, especially with regards to paper, toner and power saved.
PAT Tool

How it Works

The tool uses a simple graphical interface to show users their print history, key stats and how they compare with their peer group, their department and the entire organisation.

A flower graphic provides simple, ‘at a glance’ feedback on how they’re doing that month – as they print, the petals fall away. Finally, helpful hints suggest ways people could change their behaviour further.

The tool could be an integral part of your organisation’s overall environmental initiative.

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