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Xenith have a personal consultative approach to our production print provision, we will work with you to get a clear understanding of your end-to-end production processes to best advise on the right solution for now and in the future.

Our solutions will always strive to deliver reliability, image quality and optimised productivity through the application of the latest technology and automated processes.

It is only by truly understanding the process of what you are trying to achieve that we can deliver the promise of the right solution.



We will help you to automate key production processes, while maintaining high levels of performance, image quality and versatility.


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Case Study: Hachette

The largest and one of the most diversified book publishers in the UK

Hachette and Xenith identified the cost savings which were made possible by migrating some of the print volume from the office floor to the print room. This enabled Hachette to take advantage of the cheaper cost-per-page available on high volume production machines. 

To achieve this, changes were needed to increase the capacity of the over-stretched print room. During our analysis, Xenith realised that print room operators spent several hours each day on routine activities. These included preparing documents received by email for printing by converting them into specific formats and layouts, and then routing them to the appropriate printer within the print room. The operators carried out these time-consuming and repetitive tasks up to hundred times per day. Xenith identified around ten types of print job executed on a regular basis – including proposals, book drafts, brochures and posters. To resolve this productivity barrier, Xenith automated the workflow completely by using Xerox FreeFlow Process Manager – which effectively doubled the operators’ output.

Xenith also installed a Watkiss PowerSquare in the print room. This fully automated, instant-on device enabled the company to produce high-quality square-back books and booklets of than 200 pages apiece. 

You can watch a video of Dan Jones, Print Manager at Hachette UK and read the full case study here. https://www.xenith.co.uk/customers/hachette


Other case studies:



Top 20 UK Law Firm

Cost reduction and seamless integration in the printroom for a top 20 law firm 




Excellent quality of printed materials in the print room and on the office floors for PIMCO, one of world’s largest fixed-income investment managers. 



Top 10 UK Law Firm

150 man hours per month reduced in the print room for a top 10 law firm


Currie & Brown

Currie & Brown

Colour accuracy and a booklet maker for Currie & Brown, a global property and infrastructure service company.


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