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Software Solutions for Print Management

Print Management Solutions

Our print management solutions can help eliminate waste and reduce print costs by around 30%.

Whether documents are paper or digital, they’re essential to help serve customers and drive business. Our print management solutions can help you gain control of your documents.



Key issues with managing print include:

Not knowing who is printing what and where: Print management solutions provide essential information on the print devices, the system, and the users or user groups

Managing print queues effectively and efficiently: Managing multiple print queues and drivers can be a real hassle for your in house IT team. Print management solutions simplify the task considerably.

Poor document security: Print management solutions enables users to collect their print job at any device by swiping their door entry card. This heightens security as the pages are only released from the printer when the card is used, addressing a common concern when personal printers are not present.

Managing the paper waste of unwanted or uncollected print jobs: Print management solutions prevent an accumulation of print jobs at the output tray which can ultimately get lost in a mass of uncollected prints and consequently wasted. It also enables users to think twice before releasing their print.

We offer five key print management solutions


Create a unified view of print, copy and scan activity across all the devices on your network.
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Cost-efficient, secure, user-friendly print management solution that is easy to install, use and benefit from.
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SafeCom Mobile Print

Print from any smartphone, tablet or laptop with SafeCom Mobile Print Solutions, ensuring that your printing remains both efficient and secure.
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Track and manage impressions, scan routing, telephone activity and document production within the legal industry.
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Output Manager

Streamline and deliver print jobs from line-of-business systems with Output Manager, printing every mission-critical documents securely.
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A cost effective print management solution with detailed reporting and tracking to help control costs and understand user print behaviour.
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Xenith Cloud

An all-in-one print management service designed for organisations that want to unburden themselves from running a complex IT print infrastructure while gaining all the benefits of a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution.


“We simply took control of our printing environment. Not only are we saving money, but our users are very happy with reliable printing and new functionalities such as scanning and Pull-Print. Our help-desk used to get 20 printer-related support calls every week in the UK alone. Now we may get one every month.”

Paul Paz, European Desktop Manager at IMS Health



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