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Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation is digitalising any manual process in a way that centralises and compiles information within an organisation. That could mean a simple electronic filing system, replacing administrative tasks or streamlining whole departments. Managing the lifecycle of documents around a business allows greater control and visibility whilst increasing efficiency and security.



  • Our solutions can include any configuration of the components
  • Capture: Scanning documents to pick out key information and digitising it Workflow.
  • Routing: Key information / documents around a business as part of a process.
  • Document Management: Electronic filing cabinet, managing and controlling all of your information/documents in a secure and central location
  • Reporting: Instantly create and distribute reports that give a visual representation of ‘live’ data


  • Gain visibility and control of your documents

  • Simplify processes to make them more efficient

  • Be pro-active rather than re-active

  • Decrease reliance on paper and people

  • Reliable platform that grows with your business

  • Share data immediately with anyone in your business

  • Meet compliance targets and government legislation

  • Disaster proof your processes


Facts and Figures

  • 80%- proven technology. 20%- bespoke configuration

  • Automated processes are over 2X more efficient than manual ones

  • 5% of all paper documents are lost or misfiled

  • 90% of filed documents are never referred to again

  • Employees spend up to 40 percent of their time trying to find information they need in their daily routines