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Xenith Security Manager

Secure your Multifunctional Devices and avoid being one of the 59% of organisations reporting a print-related data loss. 

Xenith’s Security Manager (XSM) helps to protect sensitive information and prevents access to it by unauthorised individuals.

Manage remote configuration:

  • Device settings such as scan to USB
  • Job/image overwrite
  • FIPS 140-2, and over 2,000 more
  • Security patch management and password management.
Securing your hard-copy environment

We provide you with a four-step approach to secure your hard-copy environment:

Step 1: Manage your baseline device configuration and apply it to the right devices at the right times.  

Our policy manager capability is used to intuitively manage your fleet’s configuration by setting print and security policies remotely for the entire fleet of devices and is used as the basis for remediation as well as dashboard reporting. Policies can be created to specifically focus on security-related settings and enforce these more stringently, if desired. 

Step 2: Understand your requirements and recommend the “right fit”.  

Once your fleet is put in place, our solutions and services can be utilised initially for device discovery and then for remotely setting your device configuration.  This data will also support on-going maintenance and proactive support including, meter management, service calls and supplies management.

XSM Reporting

Compliance and Reporting

Step 3: Focus on consistent inspection and monitoring of all print policies on your fleet. 

This functionality is used to ensure compliance across an entire fleet of devices and is an automated process – so no more manually checking each device.  

Step 4: Remediation of non-compliant devices.  

We provide the ability to remediate at a fleet level, at the device level and even a device setting level.  So any non-compliant issues can be identified and addressed quickly. The last step is focused on reporting and results. 

We provide on-going reporting to show compliance and/or highlight areas that need to be addressed, delivered through an interactive dashboard that brings to life real-time status of your fleet and allows for making adjustments in an easy to comprehend, visual process. It also provides proof of compliance.

Find out how you can strengthen your security with our security assessment - request an assessment here.
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