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Enhanced Capabilities

Enhanced Capabilities

Home Worker Print Tracker

Xerox Workplace Cloud comes with Xerox Home Worker Print Tracker that extends print management to the home.

Anytime someone clicks 'Print' to any brand of printer, whether it's personally owned or company supplied, the job details are recorded in the cloud, ready for analysis.

  • Administrators can set default print policies to reduce costs e.g. duplex printing
  • Print jobs can be assigned to project codes for recharging needs
  • Administrators have visibility of jobs sent in the home and office, with Workplace Cloud analytics giving real actionable data to help monitor usage and costs

Content Security

For use with cloud registered printers, the Content Security Module watches for print jobs with specific words or content in the document, to ensure compliance with company policies and to alert administrators to action.


Workplace Cloud Analytics - Cost Savings

Reporting and Analytics

Data visualisation tools give you a crystal-clear picture of real-time data. Access it instantly from the cloud with an interactive, company-level dashboard that allows you to:

  • See your total printer footprint and complete company asset outlay and usage in a simple snapshot.
  • View job size pareto charts by document type to reveal cost efficiencies.
  • Zero in on departments to see exactly what is driving high print usage.
  • Define cost-per-page outlay and run reports to recharge users or departments.
  • Balance assets with actual use. Evaluate how assets and print volume are aligned to users and departments with ratio analytics.
  • Discover opportunities for more cost and environmental savings.

Xerox Workplace Cloud makes it easy to see all the ways you can fine-tune your print ecosystem to unlock time and cost savings:

  • Visually compare departmental usage patterns down to colour and simplex.
  • See network diagrams of printing behaviour by document type to expose workflows that are driving up print costs.
  • Use active filters to go deeper and target usage from multiple sources.
  • Improve security by identifying who prints outside of work hours.

View examples of analytics in the images below:

Authentication and Access Control

Authentication and Access Control

Xerox Workplace Cloud is compatible with a wide range of industry standard secure readers including: card, cardless, mobile device-based authentication using NFC, QR codes or the Xerox Print Portal App. 

Set print rules and control access to different features and devices ensuring everyone can access what they need. 

Single Sign On

Single sign-on (SSO) capability to any SSO enabled service on your printer — such as cloud connector apps and more. Conveniently authenticate at the printer once with your card badge, mobile device or credentials and then securely access all your MFP SSO enabled apps without having to perform any additional, time consuming log-in steps.

Pull Printing

Remove the risk of confidential documents being left on the output tray with pull printing functionality. 

When jobs are submitted, they go into a secure single queue and once authenticated by a user at a printer they can then view, select job settings, print or delete them as needed. 

Mobile Printing

Mobile Printing

Make printing from mobile devices flexible and easy.

Users can send print jobs from a range of devices including Windows OS devices, Google Chromebooks, Mac OS, Linux, and mobile app printing for iOS, Android and Windows Surface tablets.

They then follow the same authentication process at the printer regardless of device. 

Accounting, Reporting, and Rules

Monitor printing across the organisation with fleet reporting and accounting capabilities. 

The at-a-glance dashboard allows administrators to easily see print activity and status, plus identify high-usage users by department or usage allowing you to take control of costs. 

Essential print rules can also be set to enable job quotas to limit print volumes by users and to enable the use of project codes or departments for rebilling purposes. 

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