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Digitalising Accounts Payable (AP) enables the back-office finance team to increase visibility of payments coming in, spend less time manually capturing and organising data and gain early payment discounts.

Captures supplier invoices in paper & digital form

Delivers documents and data for review, approval, and coding

Integrates with existing accounting and enterprise systems such as ERP/CRM, etc.

Capture All Incoming Mail

Speed up the accounts payable process and increase visibility

For many organisations, Accounts Payable (AP) is still a manual process that involves the finance team manually capturing and organising information from invoices and documents. It can be a slow process that takes up valuable time for the finance team. 

Paying suppliers and creditors can be slowed down by outdated processes and systems, which if a company isn't careful can lead to financial issues and problems with supplier relationships. 

By digitalising and automating the process, the finance team not only save time but also gain instant access to business-critical information, which can be crucial in the finance department to ensure everything is up to date.

Digitalising Accounts Payable

Securely capture, deliver and integrate

AP is an ongoing process with information and invoices coming in different formats, via different channels and from multiple locations. 

The solution is an automated, digital process that securely captures supplier invoices electronically, delivers documents and data for review, approval & coding and integrates with existing account systems. 

This further allows businesses to: 

  • Build stronger relationships with key business partners
  • Reduce costs and create a more efficient finance team
  • Reduce exposure to fraud
  • Reduce human errors
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