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Increase productivity by optimising time-consuming expense processes

On average, it takes 20 minutes to submit an expense report. The process often involves scanning multiple receipts and allocating them correctly. 

The cost of submitting each expense report is more than just time as it can cause interruptions to real business.

The Concur App for Xerox MFDs simplifies the process of submitting an expense report so you can save yourself the time and hassle, spending time on real business instead.


How it Works 

The Concur App on Xerox MFD’s allows an end user to securely login with their card, and scan all receipts at one time in 2 touches.

It's easy to access, simple to use and gives an instant preview during the process. 

The user can simply scan multiple receipts directly into Concur via the MFD (multiple receipts can be scanned at one time), creating a claim for each one directly on the screen of the MFD .

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