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Salesforce MFD App

Reducing time spent on non-selling tasks

On average, 64% of a sales rep's time is spent on non-selling tasks.* 

This includes tracking and controlling customer contracts, proposals, orders and other documents. Manually scanning and then filing these documents against the appropriate record in your CRM only adds to the workload, and subtracts from time that could otherwise be spent on revenue-bringing activities.

The Salesforce App for Xerox MFPs as a simple way optimise these processes, reducing the time spent on non-selling tasks.

Xerox MFP Salesforce App

Quickly digitise documents and print documents from your Salesforce account

By Utilising the Salesforce App on your Xerox® MFP to print out documents straight from your Salesforce account, and scanning contracts and notes back in, you'll spend less time documenting interactions and more time closing the deal.

The app is easy to access and users can log in to Salesforce right from the MFP before navigating folders or searching by key terms to easily locate documents.

Users can also instantly upload hard copy documents or print saved documents right from the MFP.

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