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Global Media Company

Automated and Simplified Document Infrastructure for a Global Media Company

A leading global media company had a fleet of multifunction printers in their London offices, which often broke down, proving to be a source of frustration for users as well as the in-house IT department.

The service they received from their provider was unreliable and their costs per copy were high.

The company took the opportunity to explore options when it moved offices from South Kensington to Knightsbridge.

Xenith's managed print services were recommended to the company, and we were asked to pitch for the business.

Key Challenges


Improve reliability of devices


Reduce costs



Deliver transparency and simplicity in billing


The Solution

After winning the contract, we completed a thorough assessment of existing infrastructure, business processes and culture, in order to propose the most appropriate solution.

As the result of a successful implementation in London, Xenith is now in the process of rolling out the solution across their other offices in Europe.

A homogenous fleet of Xerox WorkCentre 7556 multifunction printers. These devices are known to be tireless workhorses and are the benchmark for reliability. They also come with many features as standard.

Equitrac Office, a print management solution which not only helps you to understand your print costs, but also lets you replicate, transform and modify workflow according to print policy.

As the company already had Equitrac on its older devices, Xenith simply took over responsibility for its management, and re-configured the solution to optimise the new devices and existing workflow in the office.

Above all, the solution lets users securely release their prints at the device of their choice. ID Cards are now swiped at the devices to release prints and scan documents, replacing the use of PIN numbers.

Xenith's managed print service has been implemented in order to provide a single point of contact for the entire document infrastructure, including the solutions.

Xenith proactively monitors all the devices for everything from low toner to paper jams. Engineers are automatically dispatched as soon as an issue is picked up by the system.

The team at Xenith also uses the information provided by the devices, such as usage trends by department, to further optimise the infrastructure and better support business processes.



Cost savings of 30% were obtained,due to the implementation of a new print policy and lower cost per click. This does not include intangible benefits,  - such as IT resources which have been freed up and redirected to more business-critical tasks, as well as increased productivity due to improved workflow with the new infrastructure.

Complete transparency and visibility of billing has been established. Management information is also provided using data from Equitrac and our Helpdesk.

Uptime is maintained at over 99%, due to very robust devices and a proactive managed print service, which includes excellent support structure.

Faults are proactively dealt with by the Xenith MPS Helpdesk, which remotely monitors the company’s devices and dispatches engineers when required. However, the service has seldom been required as the Xerox WorkCentre 7556s implemented rarely break down.

Improvements in quality of output. The Xerox WorkCentre 7556 produces high-impact photo quality colour documents with Digital Image Registration Control Technology, Hi-Q LED technology and the Colour by Words feature.

Increased functionality. Users and management alike are delighted with new features such as printing from and scanning to USB and on-box optical character recognition, which makes scanned documents text-searchable.

Document security has been tightened with hard disk overwrite and 256 bit encryption. Both are standard on the new devices.

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