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A Healthy Managed Document Service for a Large Professional Medical Association

This large professional medical association was founded over 90 years ago and has over 16,000 members worldwide, working to improve the standard of healthcare delivered to women.

Working with Xenith, they wanted to improve the user experience around working with documents in their offices, making it quick and easy for their workers to print, as well as access the data they need when they need it – be it in paper or digital form.

They wanted a reliable solution, one that would also reduce their impact on the environment.


Key Challenges


Improve reliability of devices


Improve user


Reduce their impact on the environment


The Solution

Xenith took a two-pronged approach – optimising the hard-copy environment for maximum efficiency, while also putting into place software integrations that helped to transition the company to a digitally led way of working.

Faster, more powerful Multifunctional devices with the latest ConnectKey technology were put into place. This enables easy one touch scanning to e-mail, user applications, server file structures, cloud-based sharing/storage products and document management solutions.

A powerful scanning solution was implemented so users can scan to commonly used applications and convert file formats with the push of a button. 

Xenith’s local proactive help desk and automatic fleet management was rolled out to improve uptime.

Live analytics interface for internal bill-back, user and departmental compliance and powerful management information enabled to make quick process driven decisions based on live data.

Regular proactive and attentive account management with in-depth quarterly account reviews to ensure maximum cost effectiveness and constant innovation and improvement throughout the contract.

Flexible adaptable solution design that can be altered should the association change their layout or requirements. No cost impact to any design adjustments and a truly future proofed infrastructure.



The new scanning solutions and personalised shortcuts to different workflows & applications on the screen of the device saved a whole working day per month in print time. These changes also help to solve the challenge of improving user experience.

90% of print related tasks were dealt with proactively by Xenith’s Helpdesk, freeing up 2.6 man hours from the internal IT team per quarter.

The solution also helped with the association's environmental challenges reducing CO2 emissions by 42% and saving approximately 28 trees each year due to the reduction in print volume resulting from print management software and facilitating a digital way of working.

They also had an additional 53% reduction in power consumption due to the new hardware and software solutions – great for the environment, but also good for business saving £556.39 pa.

The solution resulted in a further 15% volume/cost reduction, saving the company £7K over the contract.

The roll out of mobile print is also being planned at the time of writing this case study. This will provide guests and users the convenience and flexibility to print quickly and securely from their mobile devices.

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