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The Challenge

Quick and easy digital archiving for CACHE

CACHE stands for the Council for Awards in Care, Health and Education. It is the leading specialist awarding body for the Care and Education sectors, known for the high quality of its vocational qualifications.

CACHE was seeking a supplier capable of working to provide a successful, comprehensive in-house printing, copying and scanning service for its head office based in St Albans.

CACHE used a mixture of five leased Xerox multifunction devices and 31 owned HP desktop laser printers.

The main objective was to provide an improved, more robust in-house printing service which combined innovation and a simplified model of management. The company also wanted to switch from keeping paper records to a digital archiving system as smoothly and easily as possible.

The management of the organisation also realised the potential for cost savings and process improvements through an optimised fleet with a managed print service.

Key Challenges


Reduce overall print costs


Ease of use


Enhanced in-house printing service


The Solution

Xenith implemented a uniform fleet of Xerox 7800 series multifunction printers. This particular model was chosen for its ability to print and scan high volumes, handle heavy stock for certificate printing, and its excellent colour quality.

It has a large touchscreen that can be personalised, resulting in a good user experience. It integrates seamlessly with a number of solutions, and comes with a range of finishing options.

A print management solution by Equitrac was also implemented to enhance reporting and waste management. This means workers can retrieve prints at any device in the office by swiping door entry fobs.

The software provides reporting and auditing for complete transparency and visibility of volumes and costs on an individual or department level.

An option for Advanced Scan Routing to Microsoft Dynamics and SharePoint was established with a solution called NSi Autostore to facilitate digital archiving.

The eventual solution will reduce the number of steps involved in scanning, by storing the documents in the CRM or CMS system directly from the multifunction device instead of scanning to PC and inserting into the CRM or CMS.

The software also includes automatic optical character recognition capabilities, and text-searchable PDF’s, automatic file-naming, with date and time stamping on each scan.

The entire solution, including hardware and software, is managed by Xenith's managed print service team - providing a single point of contact for the customer.

Xenith delivers a proactive service, which means that CACHE’s infrastructure and toner levels are remotely monitored and replacements are sent in a timely way.


“Xenith has created a robust and reliable solution that virtually manages itself, allowing us to deliver environmental and cost benefits without compromising on quality.”

Lyn Alway, Facilities Team Manager, CACHE


Our solution has exceeded all of CACHE’s requirements, with many additional benefits such as reduced environmental impact and heightened document security.

Staff are delighted with the intuitive interface for printing and scanning. Complicated workflows, which used to be very time-consuming, are now reduced to a single click on the personalised home screen.

Management and in-house IT can redirect their time to business critical tasks, as they no longer have to worry about managing printers.

Downtime is almost negligible (less than 1%), and employees can get on with business-critical tasks, safe in the knowledge that they can print quickly and easily whenever they wish to do so.

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