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Currie & Brown

The Challenge

Finding and implementing efficiencies for Currie & Brown.

Currie & Brown is renowned for its global property and infrastructure services. They employ over 1,400 staff across their network of 50 offices around the world and have helped bring to life some truly iconic buildings.

Their acquisition of another UK company resulted in the inheritance of some mixed brand printing equipment and new requirements. In order to eliminate complexity and cut costs, the group wanted a single supplier for all their document needs across the UK offices.

The assessment revealed scope for cost efficiencies through standardisation and optimisation of the infrastructure. A pressing need for colour printing and better functionality was identified along with the need to cut costs.

Xenith discovered that the print room was running over capacity to produce jobs that could have been printed on the office floors. In turn, customer- facing documents were being outsourced, increasing costs and turnaround times within the marketing department.

Existing contracts and invoicing related to printing, archiving, consumables and service were complicated, and the need for transparency and simplicity was identified.

Environmental concerns and user experience were important considerations for the company.

Key Challenges


Reduction of costs


Standardised user experience


Transparency and simplicity in billing


The Solution

Xenith took on the management of all existing document-related infrastructure and services as well as the design of a new print policy for the company.

We implemented Xerox’s Solid Ink technology across all offices in the UK, along with SafeCom’s pull printing solution in the London office.

The print room was also optimised. The solution has several advantages:

The Xerox ColorQubes are uniquely positioned to charge a cost per page, which is based on the amount of colour used on the page.

Documents with small amounts of colour are charged at the same rate as a black and white page. This includes colour highlighting on documents as well as graphs, charts and even logos and letterheads.

The print room was re-equipped with state of the art Xerox Colour 560s, with a booklet maker for attractive customer-facing documents and a quick turnaround time.

SafeCom follow me printing: A follow me solution was also put into place, allowing users to walk to a chosen machine and release the print from their personal print queue with a touch card. This enhances security and ease of use while reducing wastage.

Optimised print environment: The solutions were put into place after careful consideration of the culture and processes prevalent in the organisation. The integrated service includes remote monitoring, proactive break/fix and consumable ordering for all equipment. Service delivery is now managed locally from Xenith’s own helpdesk based in central London.

Our dedicated team pride themselves on delivering the same personal and professional service that our clients have always enjoyed. Supported by Xerox’s national infrastructure, we can ensure that the highest levels of customer satisfaction are maintained for all Currie & Brown’s offices at all times.

Single Invoice: Xenith take care of all document-related services for Currie & Brown and present a single invoice to the consumer that includes consumables, service and maintenance, archiving and software solutions.




"Xenith and Xerox have a good offering and deliver good service. They go above and beyond what other companies offer in the marketplace"

Mike Plank, Head of Facilities, Currie & Brown


Currie & Brown has recognised an overall saving of 25% on its document infrastructure. This is attributed to the combined savings provided by the three-tier billing for colour documents, the saved paper and electricity costs provided by SafeCom and the fact that outsourced marketing print jobs have now been brought in-house.

The company now prints in colour for the price of black and white. Letterheads are no longer pre-printed, but are integral to the document itself.

This also provides scope for personalisation of letterheads. Aside from this saving on direct print costs, there are also other intangible costs that have been reduced, in the form of time saved for all employees and reduced need for storage of pre-printed materials.

As all printers and multifunction devices are consistent across the organisation, the user’s experience of printing remains the same across all offices.

The company now prints much more in colour than before. In addition, customer-facing documents and marketing materials are printed in-house instead of being outsourced.

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