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Stage three of the digital transformation journey
Achieve Operational Excellence by gaining true insight into your business processes

On successfully automating your business processes and making them digital, in order to make continual improvements  it is critical to have both full visibility of the process and the accurate data surrounding it.  Once you have access to the correct information and visibility in an easy to view dashboard form, it is far easier to make the best strategic business decisions possible.  This will allow you to fully understand the operations of your organisation and as a result will enable you to continue to work more efficiently and of course grow the business more quickly. 

Process Intelligence takes the guesswork out and provides a single source of the truth, helping organisations make informed decisions by revealing areas in the process that are working well, as well as those that need to be revisited.

This is so important as business processes are critical from a customer experience perspective and also a regulatory and compliance perspective as well. Therefore, gaining an end-to end-view into business processes is highly important.  

For example, if you are a retailer and have a clear understanding of where an order is in its lifecycle, you can manage customer expectations by communicating order status and also ensure there are no “lost orders” that impact revenue. Without this actionable, visible data it is very difficult to do this and can be a very manual process.

The reason it can be challenging to access the data is that often, information in organisations is dispersed across different systems and business applications and as a result it can be very difficult to find, particularly with complex and often undocumented processes.

Process Intelligence allows organisations to remove this barrier and will give you an holistic view of your operational performance and compliance.  You will gain full visibility into all the steps of the process enabling you to be able to identify bottlenecks and areas of inefficiency.

Process Intelligence will also show you the impact on your business if you changed a policy or procedure and therefore will allow you to make strategic decisions with all the correct information you need to hand.

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Not sure what to do next?

If you’re still at the stage of understanding and considering why digital transformation might be right for your company, it’s natural that you might need a helping hand.

Just getting an idea of where to start can be difficult and in the same way people resist change, not knowing what to do can halt you from creating a valuable business case when educating the company on why it’s a step forward.

Xenith is an experienced Xerox partner, specialising in managed print services and digital transformation. We have the tools to get you started and the experience to guide you through your digital transformation journey.


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Assignment Four:

Who is your team for digital transformation?

Identify three potential change champions or senior sponsors, and consider how and why they’d help or support your project.

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